About Robert Daugherty Knowledge Investment Partners

1380295421_Kelley WN_PhotoAn accomplished corporate and higher education strategist, Robert Daugherty stands out as a former managing partner with Knowledge Investment Partners (KIP). He led a variety of client companies both as a strategic advisor and as a member of the board of directors, wherein he combined an in-depth knowledge of education business operations. In these governance roles, Robert Daugherty recruited successful leadership teams to a number of market leading educational organizations. Throughout his eight years in this role, he held executive and chair positions with such high-profile organizations as Schiller International University, Eduventures, and Sunburst Technology and Educational Researchers, all of which have since merged with successful industry leaders.

Robert Daugherty has also served as president and CEO of Cognitive Arts, founded by artificial intelligence innovator Dr. Roger Schanck. He assumed this role following after nearly 15 years in business development and corporate ventures, a field where he continues to serve as a private advisor to funds, businesses, and individual investors. Focused on the implementation of new knowledge as it arises in the education sector, he also collaborates with higher education leaders in Africa and the Middle East as a Fulbright Scholar Specialist.


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